Shine Conditioner 12oz

$ 19.99

In addition to our shampoo we also have SHINE coat conditioner. Our eucalyptus infused conditioner is made with coconut oil to guarantee a silky smooth result that smells fantastic!

SHINE will soften even the coarsest of coats and hydrates the hair and skin. We recommend using this conditioner after a bath with a great shampoo at least once a month and every week for pets with dry skin. Treats dry skin with oils and moisturizers that won't clog hair follicles.SHINE has an aromatherapeutic eucalyptus scent.  You will notice a dramatic difference after just a few uses!

***with every purchase receive free sample products.  Drop us an email and let us know if you have a dog, cat, or hippopotamus.  Otherwise we will choose what samples to send you***


Active Ingredients: coconut oil, almond oil, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, essential oil

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