Luminosity Tear Stain Treatment 10 ml

$ 14.99

Excessive tear discharge can cause bacterial and yeast infections on the skin as well as look unsightly. Luminosity gently removes the stain and debris build up leaving healthy and shiny skin especially on white dogs and cats.

Luminosity contains no bluing agents or SLS (sodium laurel sulfates) harsh detergents!

For some animals the problem may be caused by an eye infection or a deficiency of Tylosin in the diet. While luminosity is a great choice for treating the secondary symptoms (Staining and debris accumulation) always be sure to address the primary problem.

Luminosity comes in an easy to apply roll-on bottle.  No hassle and no mess.  For severe situations we recommend daily application on the hard crusty material.  After a few days you can safely and gently comb it out.  After the problems resolved use Luminosity to prevent any further buildup.

UPC 036663976734.

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